Monday, March 3, 2014

The Feel Good List

Goal setting time. If this looks ambitious, that's not the point. I'm not starving for accolades or titles. I just want to have fun, feel good, and show love to people.

  • I'm going to try out this Korean Yoga class, give it a good effort for a year and look for improvements, if any. Already I've been challenged to do morning meditation and "intestinal exercises."
  • Strengthen my core. To do that, I'll need to start an anti-diastasis recti routine. 
  • Eat clean, for myself
  • Learn how to do my eyes super dramatic like this, and go out looking like that once.

  • Make the bedroom beautiful and peaceful
  • Grow a garden
  • Create a fun and engaging environment for learning
  • Publish a photo album for Homegirl, update both memory books
  • Family archiving
  • Spend more time in the city, especially beach(es)
  • Invite people over, often

  • Set up a relationship between the YW organization and Almost Home Kids
  • Continue our pen-pal relationship with a prisoner
  • Find a 1-2x per month service opportunity that helps inner-city Chicagoans
  • Make our home a retreat for those who live in the cross-fire

  • Get into the swing of CME and truly enjoy it
  • Write a presentation combining both specialties (PM&R and Integrative Medicine) and present it
  • Attend conference(s)

  • I want to try going to the temple every week! Especially with some of my friends.
  • Keep keeping up with Personal Progress. 
  • Write in my journal as often as possible
  • Read the scriptures daily 
  • Get back on that family history
  • Hold family prayer routinely, with a big session on Sundays
  • Visit the Westchester Ward (they're awesome!) at least once every other month

  • Read 4 books for fun
  • Shine and polish my Spanish skills, converse more
  • Brush up on math from time to time
  • Paint!

  • Puerto Rico 
  • Quebec 
  • Japan
  • Road-trips

My other goals are to do the following:

1) Take up a new hobby that I'm destined to be awful at. Like, maybe I can improve, but I will never be great at it.

2) Become knowledgeable about something so esoteric most people will not care.

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