Monday, June 2, 2014

Do or Die List

I don't mean that as a threat. I'm about to outline the things that, if not taken care of, will cause great sorrow and gnashing of teeth.

  • Laundry
    Why: Stinky clothes piling up everywhere. And when you do decide to tackle it, the result is overwhelming: Mounds of clothes that need to be folded and hung in their proper place.
    Solution: Do a load each day. Period. End of story.
  • Bedrooms
    Why: A messy room is a harbinger of disorganization for the rest of the home. It's much more peaceful to sleep somewhere that's put together.
    Solution: Change into PJs as soon as possible! If you're tired, you'll toss your clothes on the ground and that's how it starts. Ask the kids to put things away before bedtime. If there are sets of things with multiple pieces, put them in single containers on a high shelf and do not bring it down until everything else is off the floor. --That my friends, is my greatest tip.
  • Shoe storage
    Why: More than just being an eyesore when scores are scattered about, when you can't find a shoe mate and you have to be somewhere at a certain time is maddening.
    Solution: Purchased a shoe rack for the entry closet. Put shoes there. Done.
  • Pills
    Why: I hate taking my medicine. If I have to sort through bottles and boxes to get to it, I just won't do it. (Even though it's important for my health.)
    Solution: Keep it organized with bins and labels. 
  • Messy cars
    Why: This is something that spins out of control very quickly. Half of the time when I can't find something, it's because it got sucked into the void of our mini-van.
    Solution: Keep at least THREE bags in the car. One for regular trash, the other for gooey stuff (like banana peels), the third for things that need to be brought inside. (In an ideal world, we wouldn't eat in the car(s), but that's just not happening.)
  • Receipts
    Why: Receipts have this magical power to always be there when you don't want them, and NEVER there when you absolutely need them.
    Solution: I made a receipt dossier for each car and organized them by the store from which they came. I think this will work.  
  • House Projects
    Why: Keeping track of all the things that need to get done and the order in which they are to take place is too much for my mommy brain.
    Solution: Making a list, reviewing it with the hubby, and tackling it in a piecemeal way is better for our sanity. 
  • Menus
    Why: Because we have to eat three times a day and if an ingredient is missing we don't eat well. Plus, hunger makes for a cranky family.
    Solution: Write a weekly menu, make an ingredient list, and shop for groceries routinely.
  • Commitments
    Why: As if raising kids weren't enough, we sign up for other things or have some assigned deadlines to meet. Not being able to keep promises or make good on commitments feels awful.
    Solution: At least once a week (ideally twice or more) have a family business meeting with the calendars at hand. When something comes up, write it on the calendar immediately, and make a note to self (on the phone, or in a personal notepad).
  • Paperwork
    Why: It's a beast. We get mail daily, bring home stuff from work and church, and sometimes this stuff just appears.
    Solution: Sort the mail immediately. Shred and toss often. Go through it at aforementioned family business meetings. This has to become second nature or all is lost. 
  • Mornings
    Why: Get up late without a plan and NOTHING gets done.
    Solution: Get up earlier and keep to a routine.
  • Sundays
    Why: This is supposed to be a day of rest from the cares of the world. A time to focus on heavenly things. Without some pre-planning, it can instead be hellish.
    Solution: Crock-pot those Sunday meals. Get as much stuff done BEFORE the weekend.

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