Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Master House List

By Room (and priorities):

Master Bedroom & Bath
New bedside lighting  IKEA!
Lengthen curtains
Hang art
Resurface fireplace (ooh lala)
Install toilet paper holder

Kid Bath
Seal accent tile
Hang object above toilet
Install towel rack
Swap hardware

Dining Room
New lights
Place étagère in corner
Buy large chalkboard

Living Room
Paint walls, and window frames
Hang art (foyer, too)
Buy ladder for throws
Coffee table
Install curtains and rods
New windows and frames (black)

Prime all the walls!
Pick flooring, including carpeting stairs
Lay carpet tiles for game area
Spray paint or stain doors
Paint before laying down floors
Pick countertops
Buy rugs
Install counter tops
Hang art above sofa
Paint and prime T's space
Lay down foam tiles in T's space

Guest Room (Bsmt)
As above

Bathroom (Bsmt)
Swap out mirror
Paint, +/-stencil walls?
Install new counter top
Paint cabinet, new hardware
Loose-lay tile? Or real tile?
New toilet
Install gallery wall

Get organized in the mudroom
Put in new lighting
Contract seating area 
Install new utility sink
Paint the walls and built-ins
Install drying rack(s)
Swap out the floors
Install porthole
Buy a runner
Build additional storage (between washer and dryer, closet)
Add coat hangers
Hang sink skirt
Top off storage
Install mirror
Switch out window for glass brick

Kids’ Rooms
Move select toys to the basement
Paint Paloozas and move to side of boy’s bed
Refinish girl’s cabinet with new hardware
Buy girly bed and comforter
Create reading nook in nursery
Swap baby stuff for study materials
Buy kids’ desk

Powder room
Paint cabinet?

Hang large artwork
Install new curtain rod

Outside (Summer specific)
Repair gutters
New outdoor lighting
Concrete pavers
Get new front door, new hardware
Spray paint window wells
Paint trim, decks
Pain whole house?!

Insulate attic
Additional lighting in hallways
New blinds and window treatments in 4 bedrooms & office
Organize and update the garage
Upgrade switch-plates throughout

Swap out kitchen floors
^Install swinging faucet and stove-side sink?
Plant new trees
Update 3-season room
Upgrade bookcase in living room
Sort through storage and make sense of it all

By Method:

Elbow Grease
Hang art
Lay carpet tiles for basement
Install rods and curtains in living room
Paint window frames black?
Paint entry floors (yes, you read that right)
Renovate basement bath
Finish painting all of basement, mudroom, living room
Lay concrete pavers
Spray-paint window wells and accessories
Plant a garden
Organize storage area
Brighten up garage

Hire Out
Carpet basement stairs
Tile the master bedroom fireplace (ooh la la)
Paint house exterior Phase 1 [] 2 []
Insulate attic
Weed out and remove bushes
Paint remaining doors?
Redo kitchen floor

Fun at Our Own Expense
Wallpaper the powder room and P's room
Swap hardware in kids' bath
Pick new door and hardware
New window treatments
Update kitchen appliances and hardware
Swap out old fans
>>>Organize Boy's closet space<<<

By Specific Task:

Hardware -- Kids' bath and kitchen, switch-plates
Fans -- 3 season and nursery
Lighting -- Boy's room, office
Rug -- Office, Girl's room, Nursery
Misc. -- Large chalkboard, ladder for throws, shelves for mini-kitchen
Kiddie -- Play table for Girl's room
Appliances -- Fridge and dishwasher
Furniture -- Living room bookcase, new office chairs

Spray paint -- Vent in basement and mudroom, ledges in closets, window wells
Regular -- T's room, touch ups (including office)
Misc. -- Remaining doors

Plan and execute
Basement bathroom renovation
Update garage
Organize storage
Wallpaper for powder room and P's room
New front door and hardware
Concrete paver installation
Window treatments

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