Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hot Mess: Mudroom

The insanity had to stop. We finished* up with some big remodeling projects in the basement, but there are monumental organization tasks to be addressed upstairs. They've been neglected, and now I can't take it anymore. Let's do this.

Starting with the mudroom:

This storage unit is going to stay. It's on the other side of the wall from the fridge, so it makes more sense to turn it into a pantry space. The shelves are adjustable, which is great. 

This has been the corner that has served as a pantry since we moved in. It's not functional. Small items tilt between the spaces of the grid pattern, the coated surface allows items to shift around like carry-on items on a plane. To the left of this area is a closet (there's no picture because, well, just envision a closet and you got the idea). I hope to turn that closet into a bench seating area like this where the kids can don/doff their outwear and,with that in mind, coats, gloves, hats, etc. can go to the right of it. 

You've heard of a junk drawer, right? This is our junk corner. In a game of musical chairs, the cleaning supplies that are being moved out of our current pantry will go here. I'd love to find something that works like a shower caddy to hold various bottles and jars all organized by their function. Any leads out there?

I hope to head out to IKEA tomorrow where I will pick up a few of these Kassett boxes. My plan is to use them to sort our outdoor accessories. With any luck I'll find containers for the cleaning supplies there, as well. By having everything in its own container, it'll be easier to put things back after the even bigger task of painting the walls. I'm pretty much certain I'm going to ditch the wallpaper and stencil them instead. We'll see. . .

*When I say finished, I mean the dust is no longer flying. There's still much to do in terms of completing the basement. Alas.

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