Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Zebra Wallpaper

Ever since I became a homeowner I don't watch movies the same way. I now find myself giving extra attention to the background imagery, looking for ideas and inspirations from the living spaces used for filming.

There's this wallpaper that I can't get out of my mind. I can't tell if I'm drawn to it because I inherently like it, or if the tie to one of my favorite movies, 'The Royal Tenenbaums,' has skewed my vision (see 2:50-3:07 above).


So, of course I had to hunt down (pun intended) this wallpaper. Yikes, is it expensive (about $260 per roll). I had visions of putting it up in our mudroom, but the price did make me scream and run away pause.

Ronald Redding

I started looking for alternatives and found something similar by Ronald Redding.

Just when I thought I should go with the cheaper alternative, I did find the original print at a discounted price. The cost is still steep, so now I'm debating if it's worth it (the mudroom isn't very large). Part of me sees it as an investment in being awesome, the other, more rational side says I've lost my mind. Surprisingly, my hubby is all about taking the leap of designer faith.

What do you think?

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Feel Good List

Goal setting time. If this looks ambitious, that's not the point. I'm not starving for accolades or titles. I just want to have fun, feel good, and show love to people.


  • I'm going to try out this Korean Yoga class, give it a good effort for a year and look for improvements, if any. Already I've been challenged to do morning meditation and "intestinal exercises."
  • Strengthen my core. To do that, I'll need to start an anti-diastasis recti routine. 
  • Look good and feel confident in a bathing suit. That's going to require some anaerobics. 
  • Develop, and stick to, a diet that's clean for my gut
  • Follow a skin care program
  • Keep flossin'! Try whitening strips.
  • Learn how to do my eyes super dramatic like this, and go out looking like that once.


  • Finish the basement so that it's a happy retreat
  • Have a clean, organized, and functional office
  • Make the bedroom beautiful and peaceful
  • Install lighting where it needs to be
  • Grow a garden
  • Develop a family meal plan
  • Deep clean at least once a month
  • Stay on top of family paperwork
  • Create a fun and engaging environment for learning
  • Publish a photo album for Homegirl, update both memory books
  • Family archiving
  • Spend more time in the city, especially beach(es)
  • Invite people over, often


  • Set up a relationship between the YW organization and Almost Home Kids
  • Continue our pen-pal relationship with a prisoner
  • Find a 1-2x per month service opportunity that helps inner-city Chicagoans
  • Make our home a retreat for those who live in the cross-fire


  • Caught up in paperwork and develop a system to stay that way
  • Get up to speed with CME and establish a system to keep it up
  • Write a presentation combining both specialties (PM&R and Integrative Medicine) and present it
  • Attend conference(s)


  • I want to try going to the temple every week! Especially with some of my friends.
  • Keep keeping up with Personal Progress. 
  • Write in my journal as often as possible
  • Read the scriptures daily 
  • Get back on family history
  • Hold family prayer routinely, with a big session on Sundays
  • Visit the Westchester Ward (they're awesome!) at least once a month

  • Read 4 books for fun
  • Shine and polish my Spanish skills, converse more
  • Brush up on math from time to time
  • Paint!

  • Puerto Rico
  • Quebec 
  • Japan
  • Road-trips

My other goals are to do the following:

1) Take up a new hobby that I'm destined to be awful at. Like, maybe I can improve, but I will never be great at it.

2) Become knowledgeable about something so esoteric most people will not care.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My life has (continued) to take some interesting twists and turns.

I think I put my autoimmune disease in remission, I studied for and passed another board exam, we're more than half-way through a basement remodel, the kids are growing like weeds, and church has been anything but a shelter from the storm lately.

I feel like I don't have sure footing on any one thing. I'm not even sure what I want to get out of this next phase of life, except that I know the dishes and laundry need to get done.

Restoring order is at the top of my to-do list. We'll see where that takes us.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Little Turk that Could

Tiny splashes of turquoise, that's my fallback when the rest of my outfit is very subdued. I found this great set of earrings from Target and I've been getting compliments on them at work. If they have more colors, I might be willing to venture out into new hue territories.

Vintage Etienne Aigner

Why yes I think I will take that for $4.99, thank you very much, Goodwill! (Never pay full price, people. NEVER.)

p.s. If my mom were to read this, she'd say I paid too much and then remind me of her Ferragamo clutch for only $1 from the Salvation Army.

Red Skinnies

Are the new neutral.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Know When to Hold 'Em

And know when to return 'em, so that they get folded by someone else. :(

If it's for the children and/or costs more than $20, our purchases need to be approved by each other. So what I do is buy what I think is charming at a good price, hold on to the receipt, and run it by the man when either one of us gets home. This is our system. It works for us. I believe in it.

Except when it causes heartbreak like this:

Boden girl skirt

Goodbye awesome puppy skirt, you didn't make the cut. You were deemed pathetically puppyful, and not worth $19. Waaaaaaaaahhhhh.

The two shirts shown above, they are keepers. (But really, a sparrow wearing a crown is less offensive than a pack of cuddly pooches? C'mon! That bird could be a gang banger.)

The shoe decision is also hard. My girl has thick wide feet and our options are limited. You'll see a theme there above, this is the shoe type with the easiest toe entry. The purple & orange Tom's and the glitter knock-offs are the same size. The knock-offs (from Meijer) are pretty flimsy, have very little cushioning, but are almost half the price as the others (though all things shown above were on clearance). We're trying to decide between those two first, because if it looks like the Tom's are not worth it, then that means the other pair in red & white, which are in a larger size for down the road, will be returned, too.

Ugh, having a girl, if you don't watch out your closets will be filled to the brim with the cutest stuff known to mankind. . . Wait, is that so bad?