Monday, February 2, 2015

Life-Hacks from Med Mommas

OK, I recently joined an online discussion forum for physician mothers and it's like being in a virtual sorority! I LOVE it. We chat about everything from complex medical cases at work to the best dry shampoos on the market. I really can't get enough.

There have been some fantastic threads formed and I'm looking to compile the best contributions so as to have an easy-access reference moving forward. I will start out with the "life-hacks" that have proven to be invaluable. -- And that should say a lot seeing as how most of these women are working way over 40hrs a week and have a family.


Without further ado, I present the can't-live-without life-hacks for medical mommas:

  1. Wemo. A gadget that allows you to control your electronics from anywhere. 
  2. Shutterfly iPhone app 
  3. Wunderlist "to do" app
  4. for listening to books while doing other tasks
  5. Roku (consolidates TV viewing)
  6. Xfinity
  7. Amazon Prime (BIG winner)
  8. Out of Milk app (for groceries)
  9. Baby Monitor app
  10. Personal Cap app for budgeting
  11. calendar
  12. for personal finances
  13. Google calendars
  14. Apple TV
  1. Hamilton Beach 6qt. slow cooker
  2. Stash of nuts at the work desk to avoid binging
  3. Jura coffee maker
  4. Blendtek
  5. Vitamix
  6. Immersion blender
  7. Le Creuset (another big winner)
  8. Ina Garten cookbook 
  9. Sancerre wine
  10. Hello Fresh
  11. Cuisinart food processor
  12. Henckels professional knives
  13. Tiger rice cooker
  14. Caphalon grill pan
  15. Hamilton mini-personal blender
  16. Breville espresso maker
  17. Parchment paper
  18. Cooks Illustrated
  19. The Science of Good Cooking
  1. Dyson cordless vacuum
  2. Roomba (including industrial strength for pet hair)
  3. Laundry sorter
  4. Braava hardwood floor robot
  5. Clorox bleach tablets for toilet bowl
Beauty, Fitness, & Hygiene
  1. Microplane foot file
  2. 30min or less Beach Body workouts
  3. Living Proof shampoo and conditioner
  4. Bikram yoga
  5. Argan oil 
  6. Shiseido eyelash curler
  7. quick workouts
  8. Dry shampoo
  9. Clarisonic face brush
  10. L'Occitane almond shower oil
  11. Armani face cream
  12. Gel manicure
  13. T25/P90X3/Piyo
  14. Deva Curl products
  15. Skinceuticals
  16. ReTress
  17. Bath and Body Works Stress Relief 
  18. Lasik eye surgery
  19. Laser hair removal
  20. Neutrogena healthy lengths mascara
  21. Eyelash extensions
  22. Microfiber hair towel
  23. Origins On the Spot Relief
  24. Pure Barre Workouts
  25. TNS essential serum
  1. Baby Bjorn plastic bib to contain mess
  2. Clip-on highchair
  3. Pump adapters for milk to go directly into bottle
  4. Lotus travel crib
  5. Go-go-babyz for travel
  6. Snap N Go Stroller
  7. InchBug juice box holder
  8. Puddle jumper floaties for the pool
  9. Mommy hook attachment for stroller
Organization and Other
  1. Label maker
  2. Container Store Elfa system
  3. 3 basket hamper, each piece removable
  4. for coupons
  5. Merchandise tags for organization & simple gift cards

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