Monday, January 26, 2015

Working Professionals & Anthro

So there's this stupid, funny little thing among working professional women when it comes to Anthropologie. If we ever shop there, it's something to be confessed in a low, hushed voice. The other day I saw a friend and colleague of mine rocking some burnt orange pants on the hospital floor and I just had to inquire. 

Friend: Yes, they're from Anthro. But I have it under control. I keep it in check.
Me: Are there rules you abide by?
Friend: Oh definitely. You cannot wear more than one article of clothing from them. You are allowed ONE. Otherwise, you go from young professional to peasant searching for her lover in the woods. *motions as though she is placing a laurel of leaves in her hair*

This had me ROLLIN'.

If you look at this season's campaign, you'll see that she's actually spot on. 

The gnome will help me find the lost Excel spreadsheets.

Your honor, my client is only guilty of rad fashion. 

Anesthesiologist by day; Elk herder by eventide. 

So, why would we ever step foot in Anthropologie?

Aside from their fine hardware section, one could say it's to create an out-of-the-office wardrobe. But if you ask us, especially the ones just starting out on the career path, we want to project an image that says "take me seriously" both in and out of the work place. This makes us gravitate to the staples: Ann Taylor, J. Crew, and Banana Republic instead. (One time in an Ann Taylor Loft Outlet store I bumped into three friends from residency in less than ten minutes, no joke.) And while these stores I've mentioned have beautiful, classic pieces that are perfect for a professional's closet, there's that part of us as women that wants to throw in something unexpected, something oh, je ne sais quoi.

That's what Anthro provides: A bridge between take-me-seriously and know-I'm-still-cool style. 

And as my friend noted, this should be done in moderation. 

Just for funsies, I think I'll make a habit of throwing out lists of what a working professional (office type) might purchase from Anthro for work and/or play (I'll let you make that call), so as to save her time and streamline her visit -- you know, so you can get in and out fast without being spotted...That happened to me one time and I exclaimed, "I'm just here for the knobs!" 

Without further ado, Monique's fashion picks for Anthropologie Winter 2014-5

Look at the detail around the heel. Delish.

Don't dismiss metallic shoes. They are surprisingly versatile.

Longer length tops are the look of the moment now.
You'll need slender necklaces like this to match.


No one needs to know those are hooves.

I'm always looking for black jewelry and this has a decent amount.

Don't be afraid of animal print.
That color with some fitted black or grey pants. YES.

Lace in small doses.

Don't ask me how you're going to launder this.
Simply thank me for introducing more sequins at the workplace.
Stripes are a staple. Put a statement necklace on that.

Asymmetry is an easy way to add pizzazz and introduce pattern-play.

Look at the texture of this skirt. It says I'm an educated woman who gives a damn.

Pink pants, who says you can't?

I'm not always okay with florals, but add some black and we're good.

What do you think? Are you still wearing basic button-ups and trousers and I just rocked your world? Are you a free spirit and reading this made you pity our perceived constraints on women's fashion? Did you spit out your latte when you read my captions? (I hope so.)

Sartorial minds would like to know! Leave a comment and we'll discuss. That is, unless you're too busy frolicking through the woods... with a spreadsheet.

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