Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monique's 2015 Design Predictions

Each year I give my predictions for what's around the corner and I think it's loads of fun. As Charles Barkley put it, I may be wrong, but I don't think so! What's exciting about this year is that we're gearing up for the next decade and making a more noticeable departure from what was trendy in 2010.




Gray is done. SO done. I know you all love your Revere Pewter and it might be drying on your walls this very minute, but the future is now. Sadly, it won't be long until gray rooms - especially kitchens - get put on the shelf next to espresso brown sofas as we ask ourselves what we were thinking. - I know the answer. We thought it was safe. Black and white are classic, but on opposite ends of the spectrum. . . Put them together and you have the equivalent to the golden retriever of paint colors, right? I still have love for gray, of course, but like everything else it got over done and without warm complimentary accents it reads as cold, plain, and so 2011. 

Also, may chevron RIP. May I just say there is this tinge of sadness about its departure that lies waaayyy beneath a mountain of resentment for how this design was treated in the past 5 years? I remember first seeing chevron in this post from Cococozy back in 2010 and thinking it would be such a nice element in moderation, as it is done in Mexico. But then all the Live,Laugh,Love types took it and essentially vomited chevron all over the place. We need a break, guys.

So what's the big color for walls this year? Wrong question. 




It's all about the trim and cabinets! Creamy or bright (i.e. modern) whites are going to be the anchors to a room. The wall color and background is meant to stand back and support that. You're going to see a lot of washed out neutrals in terms of paint color. Or in other words, "What color is that? I can't even tell."


Hot right now is, of course, black and white. It's stark, minimal, and the hipsters will ride that as far as it goes. (Note above the Aztec-y elements, I fear this will meet the same fate as chevron.)

Live, laugh, love is replaced with something along the lines of Carpe That F'n Diem. (I won't even mention 'Keep Calm' because like Voldemort, I fear that its mention will beckon this once ubiquitous sign.)


Plaid and gingham are the new stripes.
 It's true. Get your hands on some black and white plaid and all the design elements will collide. (You can't even handle this.)


Pleather pants and normcore are holding strong, but in spring a sateen finish will be seen on jeans and I think the Carolina Herrera (masculine/feminine) look will emerge again. 

For baby names, -er and -o are replacing -an, -en and -a. Or in other words, Aidan & Emma will welcome little sibs Harper and Leo.

Is this freaking you out yet?

On the subject of babies, The Duchess will have another boy (take your pick of Edward/Alexander/Henry/John), and given that copy-cat Chelsea Clinton already used the name I had picked out, I fear Charlotte Diana will never be. Waaaaah.

Yep, that's a cheesecake cookie.
(You're welcome.)

In food, donut will share the stage with a return to cookies (with a twist). Bacon is holding on to its special place in the world, but I sense that the egg has something in store for everyone (except vegans). 

Enjoy! (And we'll see if I'm right.) 

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