Tuesday, December 16, 2014

London 2014, Day #3

I spent much of the day in Notting Hill doing mostly window shopping. There were so many quaint stores with interesting things on display, ranging from clothing to maps to earthenware and much more. It seemed like each shop wanted to entice me with samples of pastries and that, coupled with some year-end sales placed me in paradise. I, of course, also couldn't get enough of all the fine paint color combinations on display around me. I left with so much inspiration for painting and decorating my own home. 

How quaint, right?

Pretty pieces in every store

Portobello Print and Map Shoppe

This was a very quaint print shop. They didn't allow photography inside, but I did leave there with a purchase that I will take a picture of later. The seller told me it's from 1890. I thought that was pretty old. Later that day we went out to eat with a fellow whose elementary school dated back to 914. I assumed he meant 1914. Nope. Made me feel pretty silly for mentioning earlier that our home was "old" being from the 1960s.

I eventually worked my way to Kensington gardens and this was a nice place to relax and take in nature. Nearby is the Princess Diana Children's Garden, which seemed amazing from what I could see through the gates (large tepees, pirate ships), but they wouldn't let me enter without a child of my own. It was in that moment I realized that not only do I want to come back here with the kids, I want to live here as family. - I'm not talkin' move here, but if Tim could work in London for a month or two or three in the summer that would be fantastic. 

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