Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Salmon and Brass (and Chartreuse)


You didn't know you needed these colors (with this finish) in your life. But you do, you totally do.

OK, so maybe that's a pep talk for myself as I take some design risks in my office. I tried to live with what I threw together as seen in earlier posts, but it's just not me. It's not working to get my creative juices flowing. Part of the problem is that I painted the bookcases a color that was recommended to me by a friend, and the hue is a much more earthy shade than what I'm used to working with (it's Puddle by Behr).

Want it? Buy it here from J.Crew.

I was at a loss for what to do about my current situation (I refuse to repaint), but then inspiration comes from unlikely sources. I got the 2015 J.Crew Winter/Spring catalog and boom. Check out those shoes. I want to build my whole office color scheme around them.


I went on to search for more examples of using salmon in home design (you need to specify this otherwise you'll get dinner recipes) and found the above bedroom that has me swooning. The brass is so hot and relates to the fixtures on my bookcases. I also started having strong feelings for the faux-fur throw.

Come to mama, you fake snow leopard.

So imagine my delight when I saw this on SUPER sale at PB Teen. Yoink. I picked up that top throw really quick for less than $30. I intend to drape it over my office chair and wear it like a cape as I work at my desk.

Rugs USA Ottoman Vintage

The next step is to find a complimentary rug. I've got to be careful with the pattern play since the animal print throw is going to be so close to it. I fell in love with this one, but it's out of my price range. Still on the hunt.

Looking back at the gym shoes (that's what we call them in Chicago), I decided I'll throw in little touches of chartreuse, as well. In a funny turn of events, I wanted to reassure myself that bold colors would help me become more productive and daring so I looked up what Jenna Lyon's office looks like. See for yourself. That lady is influential.

Addendum: In the print version of the J.Crew catalog, the accent color appears to be salmon. Online it's reading as coral. I prefer the former.

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