Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hot Mess: Kids' Rooms

The kids' room aren't terrible in terms of being eyesores, but they could be more functional and less cluttered, for sure. 

This is Leepo's room. See how his trundle bed pulls out to butt into a side table? I hope to move a lot of his toys downstairs into the basement, which will allow me to move his lounging area right next to those windows.Where his chair and lamp are now I will later stack a couple of Paloozas (which we got for super cheap at the Land of Nod outlet) after painting them in a complementary color. The Paloozas will take the place of a bedside table.

Can you tell we really like the Land of Nod*? IKEA, too? This here is the girl's room. She doesn't sleep here yet and we actually have a guest "bed" (it's just a mattress) sitting on the floor in place of her future twin bed. The plan is to move the mattress downstairs into the new guest room and do all sorts of rearranging in here! The bookcase is going to go into the room currently being used as a nursery. (See below.) The chalkboard, activity table, and chairs are slotted for a kids' area in the basement.  I would love, love, love to get my hands on a Jenny Lind bed for her. -I keep scouring Craigslist for a good deal. Already got the sheet sets here. Finally, I have plans to refinish a beautiful cabinet I scored at a resale store many moons ago. You can spot it below, as well.

OK, you see this closet in the nursery? I'm going to remove the doors, stick the aforementioned bookcase in here, and insert some sort of seating to the side of it to create a reading nook like the one below. 

Thrifty Decor Chick

Excuse the horrendous red blinds for a moment.  Something is out of proportion with this chest o' drawers being positioned here.

Won't it look better in this corner with better lighting? I think so. And once Girly moves on to her big pink room, its drawers will be used for books and supplies. Yep, the plan is to convert the nursery room into a study.

This is our two-care garage acting like a single-car garage. Up front you'll find the storage Paloozas that need a new paint job. Behind the large brass etagere is the cabinet that needs to be refinished and ultimately go into the pink room. With the weather being nice and cooperative, and my OCD tendencies  being pushed to the limits, I know these things need to get taken care of much sooner than later.

*We are frequent flyers at their outlet store. It makes me so happy to be in Chicagoland.

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