Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things Just Got Real

Real ugly, that is.

Front door and hardware

It's fair to say we have the ugliest house on the block. That's reality. That's how it goes sometimes. I believe, however, that we can do a She's All That with our casa and turn things around. I just need to have more hope, and a vision.

The front door shouldn't be too bad. It needs a new coat of paint and modern hardware.

Side of inner-courtyard

Ugh, the inner-courtyard. I'd love to have a vertical garden here, but these dang shrub roots are in the way. They're almost impossible to pull out. A door-to-door salesman gave me some advice and said to take an ax to them. We'll see when I --oh who am I kidding? It's going to be Tim. We'll see when Tim has the time and energy for that task.

Pathway o' Doom

These pavers are terrible. Not only are they ugly, they're uneven and create stumbling blocks for us. I'll have to call ReStore and see if they'll want them. If they do, next I'll have to figure out a way to cart they away. These things are heavy. For an upgrade, I'm thinking about something like this.

Nautical light post 

OK, the fact that we've lived with this outside our house for over a year is incredible. While anything would be an improvement over that light post, I'm hoping to find something that matches our style. Eventually, all these things will happen.

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