Tuesday, May 22, 2012

High Yield for Life

In medical school you're asked to learn a lifetime's amount of information in just 4 years, so the phrase "high yield" comes up a lot. That is to say, you can't actually know everything about everything, but if you find resources that teach you what you need to know, as efficiently as possible, then you've struck gold. This is the essence of "high yield."

For me nowadays, Pinterest is the ultimate high yield resource. (Check out my account here.) I can easily find problem-solving websites and DIY tricks to help get me through whatever task I have for the day. It's all so wonderful!

Yesterday, for example, I needed to do some gardening and distract my boy while I did it. Through Pinterest I found Cheri of 'I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar' and this wonderful activity for kids. I modified her template to make it more applicable to the Midwest and I've included it below. The results were great, both for my home's curb appeal and my son's learning.

I'm very thankful to be living at this time when knowledge is so readily available and shared.

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