Friday, June 15, 2012

Final Countdown Before (2nd) Baby!

This song is of supreme significance in my life. My husband has played it for me leading up to almost every major exam and towards the end of particularly difficult rotations in residency. It's back in the last month of pregnancy. Plus, it sets the mood for tackling my final to-do list.

(This list is dynamic, I'll be coming back to update it as I think of more items or cross things off!)

Hospital bag:
  • Toiletries
  • Massage oil and iPod
  • Cell phone and charger
  • StriVectin X
  • Camera
  • Comfy postpartum clothes & flip-flops X
  • My Brestfriend X
  • Nipple cream X
  • Coming home outfit! What to wear?!
  • Gift for big brother
  • Receiving blanket X
  • Nursing bras and pads
  • Deep clean & Organize!
  • Make room in freezer for breastmilk
  • Sort through gifts and make returns as needed
Baby gear:
  • Purchase stroller bar for carseat attachment and twin sunshade
  • New bottles and pump accessories
  • Get this bottle drying rack
  • Diapers & burp cloths X
  • Wash layette
  • Have the baby carrier ready
  • Hang curtains (I think I'll get the rods from WorldMarket)
  • Pick up our crazy chair from the reupholster dude
  • Print large maternity  photo and dry mount above the crib
  • Hang ledges for books
Family prep:
  • Spend quality alone time with Leepo
  • Celebrate his 3rd birthday with family! X
Just for mommy:
  • Purchase cute pants X
  • Cut hair (it's all going to fall out, anyway)
  • Wax eyebrows and get nails done
  • Take a nice long bath/shower (uninterrupted!)
  • Pre-admit paperwork X
  • Review insurance policy X
  • Notify pediatrician X
  • Install car seat and sun visor
  • Have date night!

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