Saturday, November 10, 2012

GEEKING OUT over Young House Love

It happened. It finally happened. I met John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love fame!!!

People, if you don't already know, they are the Michael Jordan of the DIY design blog world. And what a world that is. Just look at this line:

Outside West Elm, Chicago

You might think to yourself, 'ugh, would hate to have to stand in that!'  But here's the thing, I enjoyed nearly every minute of it. The only parts that stunk were having to breastfeed while standing and changing diapers in the stroller. Other than that, it was endless bliss meeting other blog fans and feeling totally comfortable saying things like "Have you ORB'd* anything lately?" I seriously think I made some lasting friendships that day. Oh, and check out my darling daughter with her YHL cookie. Too cute, right?


So, as we inched closer and closer. . . I kept thinking "Don't dork out, Monique." But I admit it, I get star-struck very easily. It's a problem for me. For example, I'm pretty sure Jeff Goldblum thinks I have epilepsy from an encounter we had in NYC.

Cardiac arrest, cerebrovascular accidents, septic shock. . . I can handle these things calmly. John and Sherry? Give me some smelling salts, please. I can't explain it!

About to make a fool of myself.

Fortunately, John and Sherry were just as nice and gracious as they come across online. --That didn't stop me from acting a fool, though, and quoting Chicago, the band. DOH! I seriously said, "Uh, Sherry, you're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration. . .oh gosh"  John actually encouraged me to go on quoting the song, but I know when there's no saving my dignity.

Worth the wait!

The thing is, I truly feel that way. Go ahead, make fun of me. I do intend to send an e-mail to these two and let them know just how much their DIY lifestyle has inspired me to crawl out of the rut I've been in for so long. If it weren't for them, I might not have seen the potential for my home to be a refuge from my work life. It would have been easy for me to pass up a mid-century modern ranch in need of some TLC, when in fact it has the potential to become the perfect place to raise my family. You see in many ways, they are worthy of an epic love ballad.

That, and an endless supply of ceramic animals.

*ORB = Oil Rubbed Bronze, usually in the context of spray-painting 


  1. I was beating myself up most of the night for being a total idiot. I didn't even introduce myself! But I had a blast too! And I love them. And why on earth didn't I get my baby out of that carrier and give her to John to hold?? See, beating myself up...

  2. It was so great to meet you in line! What a fabulous day meeting the amazing John and Sherry. (she told me she liked my sweater, i died) Also I stalk-found your blog. We're all a little crazy. Amelie looks adorable with that cookie!!

  3. Catherine!!!

    SO happy you found me. Sorry I haven't gotten around to passing along the photos. I will do that soon.

    Stay in touch!