Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Demolition, Oh, YES

Tim and a bunch of his buddies got together with some sledgehammers and a Saws-all. I asked him if he was going to have any trouble coordinating this and he said, "No, I just went up to a group of guys at church and said 'hey, I've got to demo two bathrooms. There will be loud music and you can take down entire walls.'" SOLD.

Couple of things to know when doing a demo:
  • You should actually go slow, otherwise you might come within 1cm of slicing through electrical work. (Ask me how I know.)
  • When you expose open pipes, you have to fill them with rags so that methane doesn't escape into the home and make it a flame hazard.
  • Wear protection always. Always. Tim was sure to provide everyone with gloves and masks.
  • Section off the rest of the house because dust will get any and everywhere.
  • If it looks like a load bearing wall, proceed with caution between the studs. ;)

So here is what we started out with our new-to-us home:

Kids' Bath

Master Bath (A) 
Master Bath (B)

Let's face it, the crowing pieces here are the yellow tub and red sink. We were all set to get rid of the tub (donate it along with the sink to the ReStore), but we got a tip from a friend saying we could have it refinished instead. Still doing the research on that one. 

Sadly, that beautiful wood in the master bath had to be sacrificed to allow for a separate tub (don't worry, there's plenty more in the bedroom). On the other side, we're also losing that storage space to make room for a larger shower. 

Kids' Bath (A)

Kids' Bath (B)

Master Bath (A)

Master Bath (B)

There's some shifting around and re-envisioning of the space, that's for sure. The troubling thing, for me at least, is the encroaching on closet space. Something always has to give, though. -Anytime I wish these bathrooms were bigger, I'm reminded of the cost to retile them and I think "That's OK."

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