Friday, December 28, 2012

Goodbye First Home: Kitchen

Prep area and tiny eat-in

Window + sink = important

Brown, tangerine, and gray.
We made it work.

When we moved in, the walls were covered in gingham-style (heyyyy, sexy ladies!) wallpaper that was incredibly difficult to remove. If you're wondering why we got rid of it, you might be imagining J. Crew prep when, in reality, it was more country charm (think geese with bonnets, instead). Once we got all that off, we selected a warm gray to go on the walls. From there, we repainted the cabinets, changed up the hardware, and switched out the counter tops. Eventually, we went stainless with the appliances (January is a good time to buy).

We also reconfigured the room where we could. It wasn't a classic, functional kitchen setup before. It was somewhere between L-shape and galley, without the desirable 'triangle' of work stations. Now the pantry and prep area are much closer to the fridge and sink. We made that stainless steel table by drilling an IKEA counter top to two Elfa shelving units. You'll note the neon green clip on the mesh shelves therein, this is to keep the kids from pulling them out or, worse, getting their heads caught underneath. (This is not mommy-doctor approved!) I will say that the nice thing about this contraption is it has wheels, so it can actually be moved to the middle of the kitchen and act as an island and put back afterwards. We also made good use of wall space, which is always critical in a small, heavily trafficked area. 

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