Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goodbye First Home: Den

This place got its act together once we relocated stuff to the playroom. I wish we had had more fires going during our time here. We were able to build a few before we had kids, but afterward it felt like too much of a hassle and safety issue. The unused fabric on the window sill speaks to my procrastination regarding window treatments. Despite those things, this room housed many great memories. It's where most of our guests stayed (that's a sofa bed in the corner). On that rug is where the little ones practiced sitting up and crawling. Those bookcases were one of our first 'projects,' and all we did was paint the background black. It really got us on a DIY roll, though. Shortly thereafter, I painted horizontal stripes on the walls. They're subtle, can you see them?

This room has a lot of my favorite things in it, too. You can only see one, but that circular object on the wall has a larger buddy and that motif was inspired by a West Elm catalogue (see here). --Each one cost 25 cents! Those chairs, wait for it. . . $2.50 each (before reupholstering). Hank the anatomical naked man on that coffee table is a keeper, of course. The table itself was a resale item from one of my favorite people, Tommy E.

Such a sweet spot.


  1. Can I ask how much it cost to have the chairs reupholstered? They're great.

  2. We had a coupon and it was $75 each (including materials). It was our first time doing this. They did a so-so job. We know a better guy now, I can give you his info for a quote.

    1. Thank you! We can only afford cheap Ikea furniture for now, but that helps me to know that re-upholstering cheap finds will be an affordable option in the future.