Friday, December 7, 2012

Score: The ReStore & CB Outlet

Have you been to a ReStore? They're part of the Habitat for Humanity organization. As its name implies, they take gently used or leftover items from homes and resell them to the public. As we are just launching our home renovation we decided to check one out.

(Many pictures pending.)

We had a wonderful experience there. The first funny thing to happen was we met the manager there and she is a hoot, her name is Susan. Tim and I felt like we were in some bizarre parallel universe because the manager at our main base, our favorite resale store, is also named Susan. Turns out the two have spoken to each other over the phone, but have never met. They don't look alike, but it's possible that if they ever cross paths one or both of them will implode in a blaze of 'upcycle' glory.

Enough with the doppelgangers.  Man, you can get some really good deals there. We saw one lady walk away with an entire backsplash of carrara marble subway tiles. I'm guessing that wasn't going to cost her more than $40. Mind blown. They were also selling a fancy shower system (by Pharo) that I'm sure someone will snatch up for use in an ultra-modern home.

Image via ReStore

We didn't do too bad, either. We left with three boxes of floor trim tile for the bathrooms ($5/ea. box) and a vanity counter plus vessel sink for the powder room. Here are my thoughts on the latter purchase. The counter top is marble, which is porous and something I'd normally be worried about getting stained, but since it won't be used as heavily as the main baths I'm not too concerned. I also realize that vessel sinks are very trendy and are becoming increasingly hokey. Again, with this being in the powder room I think a vessel will be just fine and you'll see (once I post pictures) that it's not very deep. -Meaning it's all about minimalism.

Tim and I felt like we were on a bargain roll, so we decided to hit up Crate & Barrel Outlet. Oh, boy, do I dig that place. We were kinda feeling anxious about having to host Christmas at the last minute because there have been some unexpected changes regarding who's going to be in town for the holidays. With that in mind, we checked out the dining room table section. That's when we saw the Oslo extendable table for +60% off.

C&B Oslo Table, Seats TEN

Why was this on super sale? It's because it has a couple of scratches and had been dinged on two of the corners. Here's the beauty about having kids: If we had seen these imperfections prior to becoming parents, we might have passed up this deal. Now that we know kids are going to add their destruction finishing touches*, it ain't no thang. Plus, we've learned all about the power of wood oil and touch-up pens. We were sold (again).

And that, dear reader(s) is how we do it.

*To be fair, my furniture has taken a beating more from visitors (adults included) than it has from my own children. 

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