Friday, March 1, 2013

Keep Calm and . . .

Don't freak-the-heck-out over the middle process. Sherry over at YHL talks a lot about the transition period between starting from scratch and completion of house projects. I have been letting her words stew in my mind quite a bit lately. 

Most of the walls are painted now. That was a watershed moment for us because now the house is feeling more like our home. The problem is, there are still a lot of fixtures that need changing and, related to that, the lighting is so bad it makes it hard to appreciate our efforts so far. There are moments when I start to lose hope that it will all look OK in the end, but one must have hope. 

This is the nursery. That pebble rug from Land Of Nod looks crazy in there, I know. The plan is to paint a contrasting half-wall in there and switch out the window treatments (the latter is true for the rest of the house, as well). We're also going to go with this fun pendant and add another light source in the corner of the room.

Nursery in transition.

Below is the boy's room. This was our first time painting the ceiling something other than flat white. The room is quite long and we wanted to close it in just a little, make it more intimate and warm. I'm pleased with how it turned out and can actually visualize it as a great kid's space.

Boy's room wall color combo

The future big-girl room looked electric pink/peach when the paint was drying, so I didn't even snap a picture. It was too overwhelming. That room gives me palpitations (in the nervous, pathological way) and makes me wonder if I have the skills to treat it right.

I'm also not sure if I chose the right color for the kid's bath, but it really is hard to say when you still have a muddy yellow tub in there spoiling everything. (The tub paint guys come today!)

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