Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boy's Room: Hanging it Up

In order to keep the momentum up and get fragile stuff off the floor, we've been hanging a bunch of stuff on the walls. Turns out that makes a huge difference, at least for me.

Remember this sad little corner?

Now it's looking like this:

I think it also helps that spring is finally here and we're getting better light in the house. Sunshine makes everything look so much better. It was motivating us to go on a wall-decorating frenzy.

This is all stuff we had at the other house, so it's nice to see them again, and this time in a new light. I know that for Leepo, having familiar items around him helps to cope with the move. He's doing OK these days, but those first couple of weeks were rough. The poor kid couldn't sleep well at night and went on to develop nocturnal hallucinations ("Mom, Dad, there was a glowing man in my room.") and the fatigue caused him to develop a sty! So glad we're passed that. Now this is his favorite room in the house and a place in which we all enjoy playing.

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