Thursday, April 25, 2013

Office, The Brain of the Home

Scheme for the office

The most important room in the house for the maintenance of sanity is the office. This, unfortunately, has been the last room to come into its own. By now you know about the epic cabinet debacle (at least half of my sanity perished with that alone). . . Well, those paint victims are now sitting pretty, just waiting to house books on risk management and diseases of muscle and nerves. I also acquired that beautiful spotlight desk from the C&B outlet. The red kilam rug is from West Elm (still on sale) and will go in the center of the room.

I'm really, really tired of painting, so I kept trying to convince myself that the current wall color would be just fine. The truth is, it's a dingy taupe that clashes horribly with the cabinets, which are painted Puddle by Behr (represented by that purple grey rectangle in the corner).

So now I'm moving things around in the office to prepare it for some new paint this weekend. I'm playing with sample colors in the top right corner. I think going with something lighter will make the cabinet and rug really pop. I had actually wanted to try something darker, more moody like a plum, but I just don't think it will work this time.

I grow impatient to get this all done with, but I know I should be a good girl and try paint samples. The upside to all of this will be the great likelihood of seeing Home Depot Steve. The downside will be having to report back to him on how my staining project went. . .

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