Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Start Being a Show-off?

Something I struggle with when it comes to blogging is putting myself (and my stuff) out there for all to see. Part of my concern has to do with privacy, but I'm also concerned about showing off and making people feel bad about what they have or don't have. I base that off of reactions I've seen when someone has posted about feeling heavy with a body size others wish they could have, or drops a ton of money on something seemingly frivolous as others who can't afford to do that look on. Thinking about those comparisons and the emotions that come with them make my guts hurt.

That being said, I want to think that blogging isn't all about one-upping and making comparisons. I know that for me, I really, really appreciate it when someone lets me in on how s/he does it, gives me inspirational ideas, and is honest about what things are worth the time and investment.

I've benefited a lot from what I'm learned online and I'm going to use that as motivation to put myself out there a bit more (sing it with me: Because I have been given much I, too, must give). Today I'm even thinking about sharing what works for me from a clothing perspective. I am terribly embarrassed to be 'modeling,' but. . . why not? Right?


  1. I struggle with this, too. I try to stick to posts that say "I did this" rather than "I bought this".

  2. meh, don't worry about it. Blogging generally is a bit self-centered. That's just how it is. No big deal.