Friday, May 3, 2013

The Middle-Crazy of the Nursery Continues

I went with that half-wall idea. And trust me, when you live in an older home with not-quite-flat walls and floors, this was no picnic to accomplish.

The upper wall is in Benjamin Moore's White Dove, and the lower is Gray Owl. This has been a color combo suggested over and over again on Pinterest, but funny enough I came to it on my own after comparing samples and later finding out their names. I suppose subconsciously I was influenced.

Been putting up artwork to break up the lines and that has been a lot of fun so far. We're going for a carefree eclectic look in here, so I basically grab whatever's on hand and use 3M command strips to stick it up there. I'm starting to run low on supplies, so that means I get to do some Etsy art shopping. I'm also loving a lot of what I'm seeing at Society6, so maybe I'll just have to grab something there, too. The prices are way affordable compared to stuff I've seen elsewhere. 

I still think the room looks disjointed and basically a hot mess overall, but I keep telling myself it will all come together in the end. -Which is hard to do because I don't exactly have a vision of that, I just try things left and right and tell myself that the rug you see there can draw it all together. . . or it will be my undoing.

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