Saturday, July 27, 2013

Decisions: Wallpaper

Peeps, please help us out. This is not something we can afford to get wrong. The decision to wallpaper the powder room is a leap of design faith, we need some assistance to go through with it.


Wabi Sabi Loop in Sand Beige

Bigger impact

Suzy Hoodless 'Jewel of Spring' in grey and chartreuse

Something in-between?

Suzy Hoodless 'Jewel of Spring' in light blue and creme

It's down to these three. The Wabi Sabi 'Loop' vs. Suzy Hoodless 'Jewel of Spring.' I like the shimmer effect of the latter, but worry that it might be too much for some people. I try not to decorate my home for others, but when it comes to something more permanent like this I have to think about eventual resale value. (Samples are from here, I have to return them soon.)



  1. Easy choice... jewel of spring in light blue and creme.

  2. Well you gave up chartreuse in the nursery, I think you need a dose on the bathroom. I really love the impact it has. It might be overwhelming in a bigger space, but I love it for a powder room.

  3. Yay, Asunta! Thanks for your prompt reply!

  4. I knew you'd bring up the chartreuse, Laura. And you had to exploit my weakness! ;)

  5. Hi Monique, I love the high impact pattern. Here is my philosophy. It is a smaller room that you personally don't use that much (I'm guessing). When you do use it, you'll be excited you went bold. You won't be in it that much to get tired of it. I did a bold color in our powder room and I am still happy five years later.

  6. Thanks, Sally! You might just be the vote to tilt the scales!