Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fear and Loathing in the Nursery

I think I've explained this before. I'm terrified of what's going on, design-wise, in the nursery.

Due to the fact that I went very neutral everywhere else in the house, I felt it important to go big and bold with color in the baby's room. Also, people will make you feel like a bad parent if you don't make things light and bright in there: "You're not going to paint the walls gray in there are you? What, you wanna raise Hitler?"

OK, no one actually said that, but they might as well have.

So I committed myself to bright colors with this rug, shown from Land of Nod. (Moving forward, you should assume that if it's from Land of Nod, it's actually from their factory store.)

Then I got overwhelmed by it.

In an effort to make progress, I decided to hunt for a purple pouf like the one shown in the image above. As luck would have it, the outlet carried it at a discount! Score.

I really don't want to start getting new furniture for the room since Beanie is speeding through childhood (though I would looove a modern white crib, I admit it), so I have to make that navy blue Poang chair relate. This is where a throw pillow could save the day, right?

To review, we have a navy blue chair next to a deep purple pouf, with the background walls a green gray. There's also a hot mess of color with what could be considered a white/cream foundation.

Let's see what we got in terms of potentials.


by Amy Sia


by Ylenia Pizzetti

Bear // Calm

by Amy Hamilton

Any of these work? (Why must this be so hard?)

Super fancing renderings here: Option A //  Option B // Option C

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