Monday, July 15, 2013

Living Room Update

The most frustrating thing about trying to beautify our home and document that process is the fact that the lighting is the last to be improved. Soon, very soon we will install ceiling lights and all will be better. But until then, you get to peak into our progress with these cruddy images. (Enjoy?)

My delightful corner of bargain finds.

One day, this area WILL shine. I just love that big black print.

Another view of the room.

You'll notice in the last picture that we inherited brassy window blinds. I had not supposed that we'd keep them, but our fellow MCM enthusiasts say it'd be a shame to swap them out. What say ye?

I will also point out that we went with a layered rug effect and I am very, very pleased with it. I think it would have been a mistake to have gone big with the white flokati because that can get overwhelming and its maintenance alone is not insignificant. The more durable sisal rug can take the daily impact of passing through and was much cheaper to use for coverage of our rather long living space.

I had wanted a large coffee table, but after some discussion we're now opting for accent tables. The reasons for that are first that we value the flexibility of smaller furniture to be moved about (partly to access the space behind the club chairs), and we had to admit that one of our favorite things is spreading out on the floor here, so a big table would just get in the way.

I really have my eye on these and hope to find a couple at the outlet. Fingers crossed!

Dot acacia side table by CB2

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