Monday, June 18, 2012

It Shouldn't Be So Hard

Remember that quote by Esthero? "It's my right to love design."

I'm not talking about being a snobby elitist. What this post is about is having a style preference, and feeling like the rest of the world is punishing you for that.

To be clear, I have nothing against Boho Chic, Shabby Chic, or even Country Charm. I just happen to like a more modern, less is more, style and it's proving to be ridiculously hard to maintain that in my life. Moreover, when I politely tell people what I'm looking for, they often try to convince me that I'm weird for liking what I like. Then they try to push their ideas of what I should be interested in upon me. 

Take headbands, for example.

Everyone keeps telling me I need to get this:

File that under so-not-me. I had envisioned this instead:

Of course, the women who tell me I'm being ridiculous also wear things like this:

Again, I'm not hating on these women, but when would it ever be appropriate for a medical/law/business professional to wear something like that? I say to you never.* And that's OK. It's fine for me to dress myself and child in a way that is different from what's more popular.

So what do professional women bestow upon their baby's locks? The answer is probably nothing (who has the time or concern for such things?) or whatever their friends and family members give them.

Which leaves me, Dr. Daily, the odd-ball physician mother who is getting her panties in a knot over headbands. But you see, I view all of this as a battle that I must win if I'm to take back my life after all those years of school and training. -It's a bit presumptuous, I'll admit. And you'd think it would be an easy task to order up a couple of black/navy headbands for a little girl, yet this is not the case.

The closest I've come to a winner is the following lead:

To emulate Harper Seven Beckham (wait, how did I end up here?), I was directed to this source, but alas it appears that the minimalist black headband came and went like spring in the Midwest.

By now you're either thinking "give it up, weirdo!" or "DIY, baby!" To be honest, at this point, I'm about ready to admit defeat. I hardly have the energy to get up and use the bathroom, I can't spare any more to this endeavor. Just know that whether my child is completely bald or blessed with a full head of hair, you will never see anything resembling a garter belt compressing her fontanelles. We, the little lady and I, still have our dignity.

*Well, never say never. I did go to a "creative black tie and roaring 20s" party this winter and can now be blackmailed by this series of photos:


  1. Okay, this is my last comment for the night (not to be a creeper and stalk your blog, I'm just getting caught up on posts!). I must say, the giant flower headband trend is the WORST. It's the single thing that made me so glad to be having a boy. I like the skinny headband idea. I also have a friend who's anti-flower and she made her little girl some twisted turbans, like so:

    Not sure if that's your style but at least it doesn't look like it could be part of a wedding bouquet!

    And maybe next time someone says "What can I do for you?!" you can direct them to the nearest fabric store and have them get their headband-making on. :)

  2. "It's the single thing that made me so glad to be having a boy." -Oh, that made me laugh out loud!

    I do like that twisted turban. I've seen other turban styles that take themselves too literally, like, oh this one:

    I did finally find something that looks acceptable, and I should take your advice on having a friend whip a few up for me: