Monday, June 25, 2012

List Progress

It's one thing to make lists, it's quite another to make progress on them.

Let's see how I'm doing on my Remediation List.

  • Have more indulgent time 
    Ben and Jerry's 'Chocolate Therapy' is practically orgasmic. I'll leave it at that. 
    I've also had uninterrupted bath time, followed by massages with 
  • Develop a menu plan
    We're getting there. Tim and I never fell into a cooking routine because our schedules kept changing. Plus, I suffered from bad morning sickness with both pregnancies and that meant I could stomach something one day, and find it repulsive the next. That makes menu planning hard, very hard. Lately we've been trying more "crockapot" recipes, as Leepo would say. -Many of which come from here
  • Increase my service to those in need
    OK, I did something really cool in this regard. While my dear friend was away on vacation, I organized a team to give her home's facade a pretty dramatic makeover.  She and her husband provide much service in our community, so this was a great way to give thanks. I was able to be on the phone with her when she arrived back home and her reaction was unforgettable.
  • Teach my son how to read, recognize numbers/patterns, and potty train!
    Leepo can recognize and count numbers, and he's well aware of what sounds letters make. The potty training thing. . . I guess he'll let me know when he's ready.
  • Get this house ready for Beanie's arrival
    This weekend we made a lot of returns, which means we'll have gift cards for the stuff we really need. -Believe it or not, leopard print onesies with hot pink trim were not on our must-have list. The big things left to do are pick up the nursing chair from the reupholster guy who happens to look like Bono, wash the layette with this stuff, and hang the curtains.
  • Start exercising (oh, the irony of being a doctor)
    Unfortunately, this has been put on hold due to a hamstring injury. I'm lucky if I get to stretch. :(
  • Preserve and archive family photos and mementos
    Have not even started to tackle this. 
  • Switch to organic cleaners
    I've made some major progress in this regard, which deserves its own post. 
  • Garden
    I got off to a good start, unfortunately this is what triggered my hamstring injury.

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