Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still Nesting, and it's Contagious

One of the things I hoped to accomplish before delivering was to set up a playroom where Leepo could do his thing and keep small toys (read: choking hazards) away from Beanie.

With all the other stuff going on (see the previous entry about storm damage), I thought this was a project we wouldn't touch for another few months, but seemingly out of nowhere Tim has conjured up the energy to jump right into this.

The picture you see below is actually an improvement to what we call "the messy room" after tossing out a lot of junk. I didn't take a 'before' picture for two reasons. First, it was physically impossible to get a good shot from a room that left no space to move within. Second, you can all use your imaginations to visualize what a room must look like after 7 years of dumping stuff into it when we were too busy with work/school.

Once we get things up and moving, we hope to clear out a lot of the toys that are seeping into our not-so-tranquil-right-now family room. This will also be the area where Beanie will play during the winter days, and hopefully where we'll have fun gatherings with other adults in the evenings (far away from the nursery).

Of course you didn't think I'd jump into this project without analyzing the layout and color schemes! Here I am, as always, looking at a few things in Microsoft Paint. I'm trying to find the perfect foam tile color and texture to go with my desired wall color: Mint Fizz by Behr.

I think we're going with choice A.

I've also been doing quite a bit of research on fostering learning at home based on this Pinspiration.

Stay tuned to how this all unfolds. I'm excited!

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