Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I totally had a (second) baby. It kind of blew me away, actually. I had in my mind that I would deliver on my due date, after everything was in perfect harmony at home.

Well, life had other plans. I delivered 5 days early. Labor pains didn't feel anything like they did the first time. Oh, and my house was a disaster inside and out because we were struck by a terrible storm that took down trees and our electrical service with it. Thank goodness several people helped by stepping in while we were at the hospital to clear up debris and even launder my girl's layette. Tears of joy and gratitude!

Once we got power back, it was time to restock the fridge and I included a few treats for this post-partum mom:

Mmmmmmm. . . ice cream

I was having a borderline 'baby blues' kind of day when my husband told me to go on ahead and do my favorite.thing.EVER. Yes folks, I went to Target without the kids! And even better, I was shopping there with a gift card from all the returns we made after receiving more pink/leopard print/cupcake covered onesies than we knew what to do with!

I present to you, my booty (heh heh):

In the first photo you're looking at the following:
  1. Makeup brushes. These make me feel like a big girl. Because, you know, having two kids wasn't enough to get me there. . . The Target brand sell for $2. 
  2. Pads. OK, not a luxury item, but very much needed in the postpartum period. 
  3. Index card holders. I'm an index card freak and I just love organization and color, so this really tickles my fancy. < $1.
  4. If West Elm made a headband, this would be it. This was my 'splurge' at $11. 
  5. Scissors, glorious scissors. I'm putting these in every room of the house, it seems like I always have a need for them. $0.75 for two.
  6. Tom's-esque shoes for $11 on clearance. Holla'!
  7. I got this necklace at Kohls, actually. I was in need of a simple silver piece to go with everything. $6.
  8. Fedora. Now that I'm breastfeeding again I don't wear as much sunscreen because my baby likes to suck on my face. This is perfect for avoiding too much sun exposure. Trendy, too.
  9. For the postpartum muffin top. I only plan to wear this as needed to get back into my old clothes. I can't remember the price, but this is actually a Spanx knock-off and was pretty cheap.  
  10. Pencil container. See #3 to explain why this had to come home with me. It's actually storing #1 right now.  < $1.
  11. The ice cream will be short-lived. I have to start exercising now so I got me some light weights.
  12. Close-up picture is below. These were some pretty earrings at Kohls. They remind me of stuff I've seen at Anthropologie, but for a fraction of the price ($8).
  13. Yoga mat, for some postpartum Pilates. It's so on. 


Not shown are a few other items, like a canvas tote for the weekend that was on sale.

I really had a great time livin' it up with my gift card, so if someone were to stumble upon this entry and worry that I returned their gift, I hope they keep this in mind. (You didn't get to plaster my daughter's butt with ladybugs and ruffles, but you helped sweep away the blues. Thank you.)

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