Friday, November 9, 2012

Fierce, Baby!

Stripes and florals

Glad to report the headband saga is over. While looking for materials for Leepo's Halloween costume at Hobby Lobby, I found both brown and black headbands meant to be purchased for crafty adornment. *Yoink!*

And check out that baby maxi-skirt! Adorable, right?! Got that from here. If I weren't so busy these days I'd try to sew one myself because it doesn't look too hard.

What's taking up so much time? Well, besides the two kids and part-time job, I've been trying to get my other blog up and running (this is taking a lot of time spent in research) and we just closed on our new-to-us home. We met with the contractors last night, and they seemed to humor all my crazy requests.*

I've been joking with Tim that the REAL reason we're moving is because we need more closet space for this girl. . . "joking."

*More on that later. We can't DIY everything in this next house if we hope to move there in 2013. 

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