Monday, January 14, 2013

Musical Chairs

Update on the dining room seating arrangements. We were able to define the actual eating area after receiving our FLOR order. We decided to go with FLOR because, for starters, I have always had a fascination with this company and now I feel like I've joined the cool crowd. OK, that's not THE reason, but it is like checking off a box on my interior to-do list, y'know? The real, initial reason we started looking for unconventional floor coverings is because the space required something that was about 6'x11'. -Very nontraditional. FLOR allowed us the flexibility to work with that.

With the "rug" in place, I scooted our beautiful long bench along the back wall and gave it a spin. It's perfect! I then brought in the white chairs (Tolix knock-offs from Overstock) that were intended for the eat-in kitchen area just to get a sense for seating capacity (oh, baby, we're talking TEN) and, golly, I think I like them here! I love it when that happens. Things just fall into place. That's kind of a rare thing when you're going through a remodel.

Of course this begs the question, what chairs are going to go in their place for the eat-in kitchen area? Don't ask. Let me just enjoy this moment.

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