Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yo, Tim! (Part 1)

*** This is my communication with the hubby, who I now don't often get to see because we're tag-teaming this remodel (know why?). You're welcome to read along. ***

Hey love, I figured I'd write out what we've got cookin' for the week.

Kid's Bathroom: I don't mean to be a pain, but I want to switch things up just a little bit. Actually, you should think about this as a return to ourselves. I was never happy with being told we could or should not go with this look (the panel only; I'm anti- the random trim):

Ceramic Subway Tile with Onyx Mosaic via The Tile Shop

Ideally, at least for me, I would like things to look this way:

I feel strongly about this because I like the balance of having the mosaics on opposite walls, and then having all of that across from (but not sandwiching) the "statement wall" behind the vanity. Does that make sense? To that end, this needs to happen:

  • A discussion with our contractor about this. I know he's not thrilled about cutting up those tiny mosaics to make this panel, and maybe that's his way of saying this is not his forte. If we sense that the latter is true, we should be up front and say we can hire someone else to do this. Just blame it on your OCD wife. (You know I don't think this is the end of the world, we're far from this.)
  • When we go back to the Tile Shop to make some returns, we need to count out the white subway tile to make sure we have enough, AND purchase the bullnose pieces for the insets and framing.

While we're at this:
  • Were we going to get a towel warmer for the kiddos? 
  • We should make a stop at Home Goods to look at their mirrors. While we're there, let's check out some rugs and cooking-ware
  • An IKEA run is definitely in the plans for this weekend! In addition to looking at their organizational options for the office and mudroom (remember to price compare with Elfa now that they're having their 30% off sale), we'll need to pick up a white vanity with sink top. Were we going to buy the hardware from there, as well? Will we need to take two cars? Oh, let's not forget picture frames and lighting!
  • Random thing: I'd really like to pick up some dot stickers so I can start labeling our furniture (staying, going, selling, donating, etc.)
  •  If there's time, we ought to check out the Land of Nod Factory Outlet to see if their play tables have dropped in price. (I am hopeful based on their recent 15% in stores.)

Another thing:
  • Is there a set time when we're meeting with our lighting guy? What are we going to bring up with him? I'm sold on installing ceiling lights in the kids' bedrooms. We know for sure we want more lighting in the dining room. The living room needs it, as well, but we might tray the ceiling so I'm OK with waiting. Either way, do we want him to give us an estimate, considering the possibility that we can DIY some can lights?
  • I'm also called to serve my mom (and aunt) at Von Maur again. The times I'm giving them are 9:30AM or 2:30PM.
  • We have to make a stop by Burlington Coat Factory because the suit we ordered for my brother's wedding (yep, less than a month away. . .) does NOT fit Leepo. Eekers!
  • At some point, I'd like to get in there and start painting. We also need to have a serious discussion about shelving/closets. Did you want to go through Costco for a California Closet estimate?
  • Finally, I'm supposed to meet up with some of my girls on Saturday night, is that cool?

That's all. Love you. 

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