Monday, February 11, 2013

Half Rad

I saw this on, where else?, Pinterest and my interest was piqued. I think I might go for this half-wall paint look in the nursery.


Since I already know what rug is going in there (got it on super sale at The Land of Nod outlet, SCORE), I tried matching up some paint samples last night.

You'd think matching a neutral with a neutral would be easy, but sadly this was not the case. All of those things Maria Killam preaches teaches came into play: Hue, intensity, clean/dirty, undertones. It's like I understood why most paint sample weren't working, but I wasn't clever enough to come up with a solution. The sample shown above is my best match so far. Still not sure, though. The tricky thing here is I think if I choose something too saturated then the room will look heavy and choppy. Must proceed with caution, or be prepared to abandon this idea and go all the way with color.


  1. oh, i like that! i've been wanting to do something with this paint
    i wonder if a half wall would work, the rest of the room is grey...