Friday, February 15, 2013

Taupe is Dope, Yo

Benjamin Moore's Taos Taupe 2111-40

I can't get away from this color in its much lighter shades. I really can't. I never knew I needed this purple undertone monster in my life until now.

As such, I did some investigating and came up with this really great how-to-work-with-taupe summary from this forum, by DonnaMP14 :

Taupe Loves 
- Pure white paint 
- Dark stained wood 
- Purple undertoned natural linens 
- Stones that contain grey or blue 
- Metals such as silver, chrome and stainless steel 
- The companionship of grey or brown 
- Dramatic accents of green, purple or red 
- Clear glass 

Taupe Hates 
- Anything that contains yellow, such as buttery paint 
- Golden woods, such as oak 
- Yellow-hued linens 
- Tan leathers 
- Stones that contain beige 
- Accessories that hint at yellow, such as dark cream porcelain.

Good stuff, huh?

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