Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Not Forget the Dungeon

There is an underground lair that hasn't gotten much exposure on this blog. That's the thing about ranches, because they're so wide, the basement space is equally impressive (more like overwhelming for me).

What we're working with is, of course, mostly unfinished. There is, however, a spare bedroom that's getting close to completion relative to the rest of the basement. It's not high on our list of priorities, but since we were donating a lot of things yesterday, we decided to sweep through and open up the room a bit.

Right side

Left side

Spare room, upper shelving and laminate tops removed

The idea will be to put down a unifying countertop here and get some doors on those lower shelving units. That large white block on the left actually houses some built-in drawers on the other side. Since we don't actually intend to have someone living downstairs in this room, its usual purpose is intended to be an art/craft and sewing area. The time has come then for me to learn how to sew.

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