Tuesday, February 19, 2013

House Paint Colors

Paint scheme, colors not true to life. 

We've decided:
  • Hallway = Valspar's Satin Snow (7004-17) 
  • Kids' Bath = Valspar's Ante Meridian (5005-1B)
  • Girl's Room = Ben Moore's Pale Oats (2166-60), closet Behr's Chocolate Froth
  • Boy's Room = Martha Stewart for Home Depot Tobacco Leaf Walls (MSL208), Gull ceiling (MSL256), and Picket Fence trim (MSL057), closet Martha Stewart Lilypad?.
  • Nursery = Half wall Ben Moore White Dove (OC-17) and Gray Owl (OC-52)
  • Master Bedroom = Valspar (Nat'l Trust for Historic Pres.) Woodlawn Bedroom White (6004-1A) walls, closet color opposite of the outside wall. 
  • Master Bath = Ben Moore Hot Spring Stones (AC-31) walls
  • Office = Glidden's White on White

Finishes: Bathroom and trim are semi-gloss; the rest is satin. 
Trim (unless otherwise noted) may be off-the-shelf white. If that doesn't look good, then we'll dip into the White Dove. 

Left to do:
  • Outline the half-wall []
  • Spray-paint old closet shelving
  • Test samples in the Dining and Living Room (examine ceiling) during the daytime, Valspar's Woodlawn Dewkist vs. Pittsburgh's Delicate Pearl? 


  1. If you’re going to decide what colors to choose for your children’s bedrooms, youngsters are generally known for appreciating bright colors more. Little girls, in particular, admire hot pink and orchid purple. Allow them to indulge on those delightful colors. At the same time, they do add life to your house. ;)

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  2. Sorry I didn't see your comment, Valerie!
    I was thinking about putting all the bright colors on the closet walls and in the accessories. (Have you seen the bright rug we got for the nursery? Holy moly that thing is colorful!)
    Leepo's room was originally an office, so it had what some might consider an "adult" paint color, but you'll see that when we converted it to a little boy bedroom it turned out well: http://housecalldaily.blogspot.com/2012/12/goodbye-first-home-leepos-room.html And since he liked that, we went with a similar color this time. If the kids asked for a change later on, we'd be open to it. -I would have to brace myself for hot pink, though!