Saturday, February 16, 2013

Glass Doors and Outlet Shopping

Our weekend activities are pretty much dominated by renovation tasks. That doesn't mean we don't enjoy ourselves, though.

We finally found a place that will do custom shower doors and it's practically in our backyard. Once we learned all the ins and outs of what it takes to install these suckers, we were decided on letting the professionals handle this one. 

Lucky for us, they're having a sale on their shower products and this beautiful modern chrome handle (CM Elite Sq. Mitre) is included for free. Every little thing helps, too, because to do things right this is going to eat more out of our budget than we had anticipated. To make up for that, we will not be tiling or putting built-ins in the powder room.

We honestly didn't expect to find anything we liked because we walked past a bunch of, um, let's just say not-our-style-stuff along the way (no offense to the City of Chicago skyline, which is undeniably beautiful,  I just don't need it in glass form in my bathroom).

After scoping, and liking, our glass door options for the shower we headed out to some outlets to peruse furniture. We didn't get anything, but we always have a good time seeing what's new and admiring fine design. Our boy Leepo is so used to the shopping experience by now that he's able to entertain himself with leftover stocking supplies, like these cardboard tubes. A couple of the staff members recognize him and know to direct his attention to these "toys" as we look around. Good behavior in stores is always rewarded with a graham cracker. At the end of the day, we're all happy.

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