Friday, February 15, 2013

Yo, Tim! (Part 2)

Presidents' Weekend, baby!

  • So when are we going to look at glass door options for the shower?
  • I know that we've got to fill that dumpster and clear things out.
  • Can we please stop by C&B outlet again? There's a sale to be had!
  • In addition to picking up the kid's bookcase, there's also that office furniture I purchased from the local resale store. 
  • That reminds me, do we need anything from the ReStore?
  • Remember that Chuckles is having a birthday party tomorrow, let's pick him up something from The Chalkboard, and while we're there I want to look at some organizational items.
  • You know, the sooner you install the lights in the bedrooms, the sooner I can get my hands on a ton of few paint samples and make some decisions. 
  • Oh, I have a belated V-day dinner planned with my girls, is that cool?

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