Friday, April 12, 2013

Things As They Are: Spring 2013 Edition

How'd those paint choices turn out, you ask? (I pose this question to myself.) I will show you!

The kiddie tub is no longer yellow, hooray!

In reality, this bathroom is much more green.

Green-beige in the boy room seems to work.

Behold, pink-peach!

Note that I didn't bother to pick up or make pretty, this really is "things as they are." I hope to come back with photos of our progress.


  1. Hi Monique,
    Hope you remember me. I don't know how I found your blog but I have to tell you I LOVE IT. Your decorating style is terrific and I keep checking back to see if you have posted a picture of the firebox. Anyway, congrats on the new home and your beautiful family. Keep decorating.
    Sally Morrion (former Wheaton Ward now Bloomingdale 1)

  2. I remember you, Sally! Thanks for stopping by!