Sunday, November 30, 2014


I forgot to mention we went to Puerto Rico this year. We hope to go every year if my colon cooperates. This trip was almost ruined by yet another flare, but I managed to survive the plane ride and I'm convinced it was la isla that turned it around for me (I didn't need to take prednisone). 

We had the most pleasant memories in Luquillo. Our apartment complex had a little fence that opened right up to the beach and our kids practically rolled out of bed and into the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean. We dedicated one day to visiting my grandfather in the mountainous region and by the time we got back it was early evening. We thought for sure the kids would be tired and want to go inside, but instead they insisted on taking a dip in the ocean. We told them we didn't have swimwear handy and that didn't matter. They pulled off their clothes and their shiny little bums bobbed in the waves. I will never forget that heart-warming image of freedom and bliss.

We also made it out to Old San Juan. I hadn't been there since I was a kid and the Spanish scenery was very beautiful. I also recall finding the very best bakery for quesitos next to the road for El Yunque (I must have had a lot of confidence in the island's healing powers to challenge my gut with these bread and cheese pastries). Finally, Tim and I were able to enjoy artisanal Puerto Rican food at Terruño.

The island, I'm telling you, it keeps calling us.

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